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Energy Tips

  • Tune-up cooling and heating units seasonally (Spring and Fall). Air Alliance can perform scheduled preventive maintenance to help keep your equipment working at peak efficiency; saving energy, utility costs, and disruption of service due to unnecessary breakdowns.
  • Change filters at least quarterly to assure proper airflow, more often during periods of high usage. A dirty filter can choke airflow, resulting in inefficiency, which increases energy usage and can cause system failure. (note: non disposable filters should be cleaned monthly)
  • Install and use a programmable thermostat. This allows you to designate periods of high and low demand, which saves energy; and, because the settings are easily overridden, you can maintain comfort despite schedule changes.
  • Use ceiling fans when you are in the room. The movement of air allows you to feel just as comfortable with a setting of approximately 3 degrees higher in the summer. Reverse the fan in the winter to recirculate warm air down. Each degree change can raise your energy bill by 3%.
  • Insulate. Air Alliance can seal and insulate ducts to avoid energy loss and maximize comfort.
  • Use new, energy-efficient light bulbs that produce 75% less heat, resulting in lower utility bills.
  • Install a power ventilator in your attic to force hot air out during the hot months. This will ease the burden on your system, allowing it to work less to maintain your desired temperature and can prolong the life of the air conditioner.
  • Block direct sunlight with curtains and landscaping. However, maintain 18 inches of clearance around the unit because airflow is needed to maintain efficiency.
  • Do not block returns with furniture and make sure to clean them regularly to allow clean airflow.