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"What should I do if. . .

  • there's ice on the unit?
  • it's making noises?
  • the unit is hot to the touch?
  • no air is coming out of the vents?
  • air is blowing, but it's not cold?
  • there's water in the house?

These are all common problems that need to be addressed. The first thing you need to do is TURN OFF the unit! Next, check the filter, then call us at (770) 969-9600 or through our Contact Us page. Our trained staff will help resolve the problem in a timely and proficient manner.

"What are the benefits of Preventive Maintenance?"
There are many including:

  • minimized disruptions in service
  • increased equipment life
  • improved efficiency
  • lower power bills
  • safety
  • peace of mind with trusted service technicians

"How do I know when it's time to replace a system?"
There are many factors that come into consideration. Typically a unit should last 12-15 years, based on original installation and proper maintenance, but some last longer and some fail sooner. New equipment is more energy efficient, but age alone does not determine whether replacement is necessary. Air Alliance will provide solution options for you based on the age and condition of your equipment and your unique circumstances. We are a referral based business and aim to maintain satisfied clients.

Energy Saving Tips

Common Heating and Air Conditioning Terms