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Brian was awesome.

He jumped into this and quickly determined that the issue was a failing pressure switch, and not at all the controller board that Empire claimed had failed. In the process of replacing that switch (and fixing the problem) he also cleaned out the main exhaust duct, and cleaned the burners so they now look brand new! This reduced the motor amp load from 9.x to 7.x, which will reduce power consumed and no doubt extend the life of the motor.

He was very professional, thorough, and demonstrated the Air Alliance honesty and trustworthiness that I have learned to appreciate very much. I was surprised to learn he has only been with Air Alliance for a few months. He represents you well.

Thanks for being my HVAC partner in business, and for our residential work.


I wanted to thank you and your staff at Air Alliance for helping our Realtor team successfully work through many HVAC situations in 2014. Whether we were in need of diagnosing issues, providing pre-listing maintenance, repairing equipment or replacing entire systems, you and your team were in our corner. With thoroughness and professionalism, your tech team provided our clients with one-call help and excellent prices beating out many other companies in competitive bid situations. We couldn't have asked for more!

I would recommend Air Alliance for all your HVAC needs.


Air Alliance LLC provides to their customers one of the best repair services for air conditions and heating. I've used their services for a long time and I can recommend them to you.


Thank you so much for the prompt service! We have appreciated your service over the years and have had others express the same opinion.